Hot Yoga Dundas West

Sweat, stretch, strength and relax.

December  Special

1 Year Unlimited Hot Yoga $725


Pay it in 5 equal payments of $150 each.

Offer expires – December/31/19

Introductory special (new students only)

$60 $49 Offer expires December/31/19

DB Yoga is a style of Hot Yoga created by Yogi Brothers from India with an intention to serve communities with authentic Yoga practice.

Hot Yoga classes at DB  Yoga are accessible to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. There are options in every class for each level of student, coupled with high quality Yoga instructions and Hot Yoga environment.

Traditional Hot

Yoga poses combined with pranayama breathing makes it simple class to follow.

Flow Hot

Yoga flows followed by tradititonal Yoga poses create the dynamic Flow class.


Core Flow Hot

Amazing flexibility and great core strength combined with relaxation of Yoga.

Core Hot

Core strengthening exercises followed by counter Yoga poses to release the pressure from back and neck.

Mix Yoga

Flexibility, strength, focus and endurance in one class.


Pranayama practice is combination of different breathing exercises that strengthens our respiratory system.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Yoga poses increase the range of motion in joints. Stretching the muscles releases muscle tension. The heat in the room Promotes safe stretching of the joints.
In Yoga practice we use our own body's weight to strengthen muscles and joints. Chaturanga (low plank) is good example of shoulder and triceps strength.
Practicing Yoga in a heated room makes our muscles work harder. These muscles demand more oxygen which increases our heart rate.

200 hours yoga teacher training

Our Yoga Teacher Training is certainly unique.
Yogis or Non-Yogis, Desk Jockeys or fitness professionals, Beginners or Advance students all are welcome to join teacher training. You do not have to be a yoga expert to sign up for teacher training. The teacher training enhances and deepens your practice that leads to healthy and spiritual life style.