Social distancing made easier at DB Hot Yoga Dundas St. W

Sweat, stretch, strength and relax.

Because of slow response for in studio yoga classes, we are canceling all in studio yoga classes until further notice. Thanks.

You may choose not to wear mask or face covering when practicing yoga in yoga practice room. Thanks.

DB Yoga has taken social distancing to next level! There is more than yoga mat length distance between mats. We have staggered mats to create even further social distancing. Max 9 people per yoga class. There are markings on the yoga studio floor to facilitate easier and greater social distancing.

All showers are closed due to social distancing. 

Cleaning measures – Cleaning all the door knobs, handles and touching surfaces before every yoga class.

We have created more space in studio to make social distancing easier.

In Studio Yoga class Schedule

All in studio yoga are canceled until further notice 

Online yoga class schedule

Monday – 6:30PM – Flow – Antonia

Tuesday – 12:00PM – Traditional – Matthew

Wednesday – 6:30 PM – Traditional – Matthew

Thursday – 5:15 PM – Flow – Matthew

Friday – 12:00 PM – Prana Flow – Joshua

Saturday – 11:00 AM – Traditional – Matthew

Sunday – Closed

Please use the button below to pay for your online drop in yoga class.

Why practice DB Hot Yoga?

Increase strength – While practicing Yoga we load our muscles with our own body weight, with the dynamic nature of Yoga practice different Yoga poses loads different muscles throughout the body. Good example could be low plank or Chaturanga where triceps strength, shoulders stability, core and leg muscles engagement is required to practice this pose properly.

Flexibility – Yoga practice at DB Hot Yoga stretches all the major joints in the body from shoulder joints to hip joints to knee joints. Spine flexibility and mobility is fundamental of Yoga practice. Spine is stretched in all possible directions in Yoga classes. The heat in rooms promotes safe stretching of joints.

Functional Training – Yoga classes at DB Hot Yoga incorporates movements of body through different Yoga poses that engages multiple joints and muscles to provide functional training for our bodies to perform day to day task safely and efficiently.

Hip Mobility and stability – With low lunges in flow class we get amazing stretch in our iliopsoas and rectus abdominis on one side and amazing stretch in our gluts on the other side. Stretch of abductors is also incorporated in the same lunge

Lose weight – Regular practice of DB Hot Yoga increases the energy consumption in our muscles, which leads to weight lose. One of the by products of Hot Yoga practice is good state of mind which encourages good eating habits and helps in further weight lose.

Shoulder mobility and stability – Downward dog is good example for shoulder stability and mobility. In downward dog shoulder joints are loaded through the weight of our torso and gravity. In this Yoga pose front of shoulders are in stretch and back of shoulders are carrying load while shoulder blades are going away from each other.

Build endurance – Practicing Yoga in a hot room makes our muscles work harder. These muscles demand more oxygen which increases our heart rate, building endurance.

Core stability and engagement – All the balancing poses in DB Hot Yoga requires core stability and engagement. A simple tree pose requires engagement of rectus abdominis side oblique muscles and lower back muscles to stay in balance.

Release Toxins – Sweat those toxins out and feel amazing after the practicing DB Hot Yoga class.

Traditional Hot

Yoga poses combined with pranayama breathing makes it simple class to follow.

Flow Hot

Yoga flows followed by tradititonal Yoga poses create the dynamic Flow class.


Core Flow Hot

Amazing flexibility and great core strength combined with relaxation of Yoga.

Core Hot

Core strengthening exercises followed by counter Yoga poses to release the pressure from back and neck.

Mix Yoga

Flexibility, strength, focus and endurance in one class.


Pranayama practice is combination of different breathing exercises that strengthens our respiratory system.

200 hours yoga teacher training

Our Yoga Teacher Training is certainly unique.
Yogis or Non-Yogis, Desk Jockeys or fitness professionals, Beginners or Advance students all are welcome to join teacher training. You do not have to be a yoga expert to sign up for teacher training. The teacher training enhances and deepens your practice that leads to healthy and spiritual life style.